Upcoming Calling Gigs


starGrn Karen is main or sole caller
starGrn Karen calls one or more dances

starGrn Sat Feb 1st, 2020: Private gig, church dance

starGrn Fri Feb 7th, 2020: Urbana Country Dancers with open band and Big Bluestem

starGrn Sun Mar 1st, 2020: Childgrove Contra with Hot Coffee Breakdown

starGrn Thu Mar 26th, 2020: Private gig, Wash U.

starGrn Sun Apr 12th, 2020: Childgrove Contra with Trad to the Bone

starGrn Fri Apr 17th, 2020: Childgrove English Country Dancers


Karen Jackson loves to dance, and loves to share the experience. She has been teaching and calling contra dances, English Country dances, square dances, and barn dances for special events across the Midwest for several years.

Besides regular local and regional contra dances, her calling includes school groups, weddings, private parties, home schoolers, corporate events, and even dances in real barns!

This site contains examples and descriptions to make it easier to understand what she does, and how to obtain her services.

Karen calling at Sugar Hill Aug 26, 2011

Karen (top center) calling at the 2011 Sugar Hill dance weekend near Bloomington, IN
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